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Consistently cleaning, dusting, and wiping surfaces around your house can be a great way to get rid of the dirt in the air you breathe and keep your home sparkling clean. While doing this yourself can provide short-term solutions, hiring professionals like ourselves is the easiest way to go. Our one-time cleaning service is a great way to remove build-up and grime from your space to ensure a healthier environment. 


Thorough One-Time Cleaning Service

Our one-time cleaning service is similar to what we do when deep cleaning, where we focus on each individual area to achieve maximum results. Whether you are cleaning after a party or just looking to sparkle up your place, getting our services will take this task off your plate.

One-Time Cleaning Service You Had Hoped For!

While a recurring cleaning service can be costly for some people, our one-time cleaning is the best way to seek professional help without breaking the bank. Our cleaners will work to ensure you get the service you hoped for by providing a thorough service that is sure to leave your space feeling both cleaner and healthier.

What We Do

We provide the most advanced cleaning services to ensure we leave your house in a better condition than when we entered. We clean the entire kitchen, both inside and outside all of the appliances. We then dust, disinfect all areas, and mop the floor. We also dust all the furniture and surfaces inside your bedroom. Next, we focus on getting the floors cleaned and disposing of your trash. Similarly, we clean bathrooms, dining/living areas, and the laundry room to make them spotless.

Our Other Services

Apart from the services listed above, Fresh Maids has other additional services and space-specific cleaning options. These services include:

Deep Cleaning

Your house needs a deep cleanse in every room, especially those with high traffic. Our deep cleaning services ensure your place gets a spotless look that is both aesthetically pleasing and healthy.

Move-In / Move Out Cleaning

Moving in/out of a space can be hectic and demanding, especially if you are doing it alone. Our one-time cleaning service removes this task from you, freeing up your time to focus on other important parts of this process.

House Cleaning

Whether you are busy with work or just looking for a hand to help clean your house, our cleaners are a phone call away. We ensure that we deliver on our promise.

Bathroom Cleaning

Cleaning the bathroom requires patience and precision. We ensure the necessary areas are disinfected and wiped clean to prevent moisture from forming stains on walls or the shower curtain.

Bedroom Cleaning

The bedroom requires more attention since we spend a majority of our time here. Why not let our professional cleaners handle this task? We clean your entire bedroom, turning everything upside down (not literally) to clean every inch of your bedroom to provide the care it deserves.

Dining Room / Living Area Cleaning

Whether you are holding a get-together or just having a family meal, getting this space clean before and after is mandatory. During our cleanings, all the furniture is dusted and cleaned, and every surface disinfected to prevent germs and bacteria.

Commercial Cleaning And Janitorial Services

Our commercial cleaning services are customizable to fit your organization's cleaning needs. Regardless of the size of the space, we will provide enough cleaners to handle this task efficiently.

Holiday Cleaning

Now that the holidays are around the corner, getting our one-time cleaning service can help you prepare for hosting guests and entertaining. We can also clean after your parties at very affordable rates.

Recurring Cleaning

This is where you subscribe to a continuous cleaning service for your space and receive weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning visits to tidy up your home or office.

Apartment Cleaning

Regardless of the size of the apartment or who occupies it, our professional cleaners promise to offer you a high-quality job that is worth every penny. We are here to offer you our high-quality services to keep your space looking exquisite and healthy for everyone staying inside. Give us a call today; we will arrange a free quote.

Where We Are & How To Find Us

With our locations in Georgia, we service most parts of North Georgia, where we clean both commercial and residential spaces. We believe in providing the finest cleaning services in the industry with our friendly cleaners, ensuring your normal activities are not affected.

We would love to work with you; call us or book our services to receive an unbeatable cleaning at pocket-friendly rates. 

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