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Homeowners would agree they spend more time cleaning than anything else. Whether you are cleaning yourself or outsourcing to professionals, your space needs regular cleaning to ensure all the dust and grime are cleaned. A clean space will not only look spotless, but also make it free from infection-causing germs and bacteria. Why not let us handle the recurring cleaning for your space?

Reliable Recurring Cleaning Services

We have a large team that can handle any amount of cleaning you might need as efficiently as possible. If you need to get the job done in an hour, we will provide the staffing and equipment to make this happen. Our recurring cleaning service is reliable, and at your service anytime you need us.

What’s more? You can choose a specific member of our crew to be your full-time recurring cleaner if you have a preferred member of our cleaning team. 

Convenient Recurring Cleaning Service

Our services are designed to fit your cleaning needs and your schedule. With our convenient recurring cleaning services, you decide when the crew should be at your place. This means no matter what your plans are, we can depend on our cleaning crews to get the job done. We put your needs first, and our priority is to go above and beyond to provide the best service.

What We Do

We provide several cleaning services meant to handle different needs and spaces. Our service checklist highlights all the tasks involved in each package. Whether you want your commercial or residential property cleaned of all the build-up and grime, we will find a way to make that happen. We will clean your kitchen, ensuring all the appliances are wiped inside out and all floors and surfaces are disinfected.

At Fresh Maids, we also clean the bathroom by dusting and disinfecting every surface, sink, and fixtures in the room. We clean the bedroom, change the linens, and also make the bed at your request. We also clean all your living room/dining areas, including the furniture and decorations on the wall. Our services can also extend to the laundry room and other spaces to make sure all surfaces are clean. 

Our Other Services

Besides our primary services, we have several add-ons you can include individually or as a package with one of our cleaning options. These include:

Deep Cleaning

Once in a while, your house will need a little extra attention to detail with a deep cleaning. Our deep cleaning services leave even those hard-to-reach corners underneath your couches spotless clean. If you feel that your home or apartment hasn’t had a good clean in a while, our deep cleaning service is the way to go.

Move-In / Move Out Cleaning

Our cleaners are happy to clean your previous home thoroughly after moving out and your new home before you settle in. Don’t stress yourself with cleaning when you’ve got more than enough on your plate. Coordinating a move-out and move-in all in a few days is stressful on it’s own. Let us take care of all the cleaning for you.

House Cleaning

We are the pros when it comes to regular house cleaning. You can rest assured that all rooms will be dusted, cleaned, and thoroughly disinfected to exceed your expectations.

Bathroom Cleaning

The bathroom is the room most susceptible to germs and bacteria because they thrive in wet areas. That is why our cleaning staff disinfects and cleans every area of your bathroom to give that sparkling look to it.

Bedroom Cleaning

Your bedroom deserves more than just a sweep of the floor. That’s why we offer comprehensive bedroom cleaning that covers dusting, removing cobwebs from the ceiling, cleaning hard-to-reach areas, and cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces and furniture. Our cleaning solutions are gentle and environmentally friendly, too, so you don’t need to worry about your room smelling like chemicals when we are done.

Dining Room / Living Area Cleaning

Since most entertaining takes place in your house’s dining/living area, it's more exposed to grime and debris build-up, requiring special attention to remove them all. Trust us to clean your floors, surfaces, and furniture for a living space that’s set to impress.

Commercial Cleaning And Janitorial Services

Besides residential spaces, we are also qualified and experienced to handle commercial cleaning services like offices, restaurants, and more. We provide reliable services without interfering with your spaces' everyday use.

Holiday Cleaning

Are you looking to get your home or apartment ready for the holiday season? With our services, you can focus on the festivities while we make sure your home matches the mood. We perform thorough regular cleaning, deep cleaning, or one-time cleaning based on your needs and budget.

Apartment Cleaning

We clean apartments of all sizes. Whether you reside there or are looking to rent out the space, let us help you get the space looking brand new. We customize each cleaning job to ensure we leave your apartment looking and smelling its best. We can guarantee you will see the difference after just one clean.

One-Time Cleaning

Our one-time package is a cleaning service done when you need it most. You can book us for a move-in/out, cleaning before or after a party, a one-time apartment clean or commercial cleaning. Our services ensure every part of your home is cleaned to provide the best recurring cleaning services in the market. Give us a call to book our services for your space.

Where We Are & How To Find Us

Our unsurpassed service and workmanship have afforded us a high-quality reputation in North Georgia. Our cleaning services speak for themselves, and our professionalism has earned us a loyal following of clients. We are passionate about giving your space the cleanliness and hygienic safety it deserves as you focus on what matters most to you.

We can customize our services to suit your specific needs or budget. Give us a call or book us to get quality service at some of the best prices in town. 

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