House Cleaning and Janitorial Services That You Can Trust Clarkesville, GA

House cleaning has become an essential need for all. That is why Fresh Maids has carefully selected its team, making sure they have passed through rigorous training to build both experience and expertise.

We understand that you expect a higher standard of cleaning from your Clarkesville cleaning company, and we go the extra mile to deliver. While we keep quality at an all-time high, we know that it shouldn’t come at a bank-breaking price. We offer cheap and convenient cleaning services delivered by professionally trained cleaning staff.

Licensed and Insured Cleaning Service Providers

Quality guarantee and customer satisfaction are two important reasons why you’re looking for the best cleaning company to hire. At Fresh Maids, we tick those boxes and more. As a licensed and insured cleaning company, we go the extra mile to offer guaranteed services that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Our array of cleaning services will transform your home and business, improve your indoor air quality, and boost the quality of your life. Unsure of how to get started? Experience our deep cleaning service. Our deep cleaning service ensures that all the hard-to-reach places are washed and scrubbed. It helps eradicate foul odors and mold growth in dark and rarely cleaned corners.

Even though we offer affordable and quality house cleaning in Georgia, our diversity is what helps us stand out. We offer a variety of services sure to meet your needs and budget. They include;

Kitchen Cleaning

Is your kitchen in a messy state? Do you need help braving the mountain of cleaning tasks needed to get your kitchen back to its hygienic condition? Contact us at Fresh Maids. Our cleaning crew has the necessary experience and expertise to get the job done.

Bedroom Cleaning

Fresh Maids is at your service, whether your bedroom is a mess with clothes strewn around or you’re looking for regular cleaning services that’ll save you one less task. Our cleaning crew will organize, dust, clean, wipe, vacuum, and mop surfaces as necessary. We come with our own cleaning supplies, so you don’t have to worry about extra costs.

Bathroom Cleaning

You deserve a bathroom that is clean and welcoming. Our Fresh Maid bathroom cleaning crew help to get rid of soap scum, grout, and other irritants that may be coating surfaces in your bathroom. Trust us to restore your bathroom to its perfect condition so you can relax and enjoy your personal space without reservations.

Living Areas/ Dining Room

Your living area witnesses a high amount of traffic and is understandably prone to being in a state of disarray. At Fresh Maids, we go the extra mile to make sure that those areas are properly cleaned and organized. Experience improved indoor air quality and superior satisfaction when you choose us for your cleaning needs.

Why Choose Fresh Maids

Cost Saving Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning supplies and equipment can be costly, but as your cleaning company in Clarkesville, GA, we save you the added cost. We come equipped with all the cleaning essentials needed to get the job done.

Trained and Vetted Cleaning Crew

Looking for a trained and vetted crew for house cleaning in Clarkesville, GA? Fresh Maids has the solution. You can trust that our maids have been specially selected and trained to deliver excellent cleaning services.

Online Booking and Excellent customer care

Our online booking process has been made easy, allowing you to book your next cleaning appointment in 60 seconds or less. We’ve gone a step further by offering excellent customer care. Experience cleaning service at its best with Fresh Maids

We Are Serving Clarkesville, GA and Nearby Areas

Take control of your living space and bring it up to hygienic standards with Fresh Maids in your corner. Our cleaning services are available in Clarkesville, GA and the surrounding areas, including;


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James Pope
James Pope
Fresh maids is a great outfit, they are professional and courteous and go above and beyond, I recommend them to everyone
Russell Grunch
Russell Grunch
Freshmaids has provided high quality, timely and reasonably priced service to our family for 4 years. Very professional and friendly team. We would recommend to anyone
Katherine H
Katherine H
We have been using Fresh Maids services for a few years now and we love them. They are so thorough but what is more they are so flexible. With changing schedules they are so accommodating when we need change the day or time. Can't recommend them enough
Penny Fino
Penny Fino
I’m very happy with Fresh Maids. The girls Elizabeth and Maria do a very good job. I have we no complaints.
Stephanie Sartain
Stephanie Sartain
Been using them for years. Great company and service!

Professional Cleaning Services Offered in Clarkesville, GA

We aim to offer a full range of cleaning services that gives commercial and residential clients the services they need the most. Our highly diversified services include;