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Not everybody has the strength, will, and time to clean their homes. Some are so busy they may find the task impossible. House cleaning requires a lot of time and energy, especially if you’ve neglected your space for too long. Our cleaning crew at Fresh Maids is at your beck and call to restore your living space to what it used to be.

As your preferred cleaning company, rest assured that we offer commercial and residential cleaning in Jackson. Our cleaning services are thorough and affordably priced, saving you time and money. By choosing our cleaning services, you can focus on the more important things like rest, more work, or family time while we handle the heavy lifting.

Have you neglected your home and its cleaning needs for too long? Our deep cleaning services in Jackson may be the answer!

Licensed Residential and Commercial cleaning service providers

There are many benefits to hiring a licensed residential and commercial cleaning service provider. At Fresh Maids, we bring an accumulation of all those benefits closer to you. As your top cleaning service provider, we go the extra mile to keep you happy at all times.

Our cleaning crew has been specially selected and trained to keep your home and business in top shape. We come with all the needed cleaning supplies and do the job excellently.

All you need to do is book your next cleaning appointment, and we’ll take it from there. Services you can choose from include;

Deep Cleaning Service

Have you neglected your home or business for so long? Do you require a deep clean service to restore things to normal? Book your next deep cleaning service appointment with us now! We have a comprehensive checklist of areas to address, ensuring that no stone is left unturned. Our focus is to leave your space sparkling clean, as promised.

Move in / Move out cleaning

Looking to move out of your old house or office? Preparing your new place? Our move-in/move-out cleaning service is the perfect option for you. We clean your old space and restore it to what it was, qualifying you for your security deposit refund. We also prepare your new space to welcome you.

Commercial cleaning & Janitorial Services

Looking for the perfect cleaning solution for your business? Try our commercial cleaning and janitorial service today! Our cleaning crew is trained and equipped with everything needed to get the job done. All you need to do is book your next cleaning appointment, and we’ll be there. Our janitorial cleaning service is available weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly and can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Jackson, GA cleaning company near you

When looking for commercial and residential cleaning in Jackson, GA solution, Fresh Maids is the answer! Our cleaning company has been around for some years, and we have several 5-star ratings from customers who depended on us for reliable cleaning services.

Our cleaning solution includes regular and deep cleaning services in Jackson, GA. Business owners also trust us for their janitorial service in Jackson. Our comprehensive cleaning solution is designed to save time and money while leaving your space sparkling clean.

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Fresh Maids is providing cleaning services in Jackson, GA and nearby areas including:

Why Choose Fresh Maids

Fresh Maids is a top-choice cleaning company for many reasons, including;

Instant Online

Book your next residential or commercial cleaning appointment with ease. Complete booking in 60 seconds!

Background Checks and Training

All cleaning staff have been thoroughly checked and trained to improve your satisfaction and service quality.

Cleaning Supplies

We come equipped with our cleaning tools and supplies, get the job done quickly, and leave you to enjoy your space.


Don’t have cash? No worries! We have a cash-free payment system to ease your stress.

Professional cleaning services offered in Jackson, GA

Do you want the perfect solution for all your cleaning needs? Contact Fresh Maids. Our services include;
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Looking for a way to keep your home and office clean in-between cleaning appointments? Fresh Maids brings you the nearest local convenience store to purchase cleaning supplies. Keep your home clean in-between cleaning appointments by visiting:

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Fresh Maids keeps you informed of the latest happenings in the community. Our goal is to fine-tune our services around these to better serve customers. Here are some of the latest news in Jackson, GA.

Home and Office Cleaning: Spring and summer are perfect times to clean the home and business. More businesses are choosing Deep cleaning services in Jackson to keep their customers happy and satisfied.