6 Common House Cleaning Mistakes You’re Making and How To Fix Them

A clean and hygienic home does more than improve your health and comfort. It also puts you in a good mood and improves your mental performance and productivity. A recent study has linked a clean environment with increased mental productivity. Seeing as more people are working from home, house cleaning may just be the key to unlocking your creativity and performance. While house cleaning offers a wide range of advantages, many homeowners detest this chore. Others who do not detest the chore are more likely too busy to make time for the cleaning task. Whether you are too busy or you detest the chore, cleaning effectively will save you a lot of time and energy.

To effectively clean your home, you need to know how to approach the task and how to make the best of it. Cleaning your home the right way can also reduce the frequency at which you’ll need to engage in the activity. To help you achieve more from your home cleaning task, this article has identified some of the common cleaning errors you are most likely making. Read on to find the common cleaning errors you’re making and how to fix them for better outputs.

Cleaning your Home in the Wrong Order

Many homeowners have become familiar with the top to bottom approach when cleaning. This approach means you begin cleaning from the ceilings to the walls and windows, and then the floor. While this is a great way to handle things, a common mistake homeowners make is to spray air fresheners at the end of the cleaning task. Although this practice looks and sounds right, it isn’t.

When you spray your room at the end of your cleaning task, there is a high chance that the particles and droplets from the spray will settle on surfaces. These surfaces then attract more dust over the next couple of days. This may be one of the reasons you’re cleaning your home ever so often. A great fix for this problem will be to clean from top to middle, spray your room with an air freshener, and leave it to address other tasks. When you come back to the room, it smells fresh and you can continue your cleaning by wiping surfaces to get rid of the sticky or greasy film. Doing this will help keep surfaces cleaner and less likely to attract dust.

When following the top to middle – spray – then middle to bottom approach, you should remember to mop your floors as they are the biggest recipients of the greasy film from your deodorizer or spray.

Cleaning one Room at a Time

The popular convention when cleaning the home is to go from one room to the other. However, this may be one of the reasons why you find house cleaning to be irritating. Repeating tasks can make the entire cleaning process boring for you.

A good way to save time and keep the cleaning task flowing is to take the cleaning one task after the other. For this approach, choose one task, for example, window cleaning, and make sure that it is performed across the house. You can then proceed to another task. This will save you the stress and boredom associated with repeating the entire cleaning process one room at a time.

Diluting Ready-to-Use Cleaners to Save Money

Ready-to-use cleaners have been formulated in the right concentration for single uses. However, some homeowners may choose to dilute these cleaners to extend it and get more out of them. The reality, however, is that you’ll use more of the diluted cleaner compared to the undiluted one. In addition, you’ll spend more time and energy cleaning with the diluted mix compared to using the original cleaning agent concentration. In essence, you aren’t really saving money but consuming more. It is best to minimize the use of the already compounded ready-to-use cleaning agent than to dilute with water.

Skipping your Window Screens

Your window screens offer much more to your home than you may know about. The window screens allow light into your home, serves as insulation, and also increases the beauty and appeal of your home. However, when it rains, you may discover the screens to have spots and streaks of dirt on them. A common misconception is that the streaks of dirt are caused by rainwater. On the contrary, the rainwater only amplified the layers of dust that had settled on the window screens. To eliminate the eyesore, make sure to pay attention to cleaning your window screens. Cleaning your window screens is fast and easy. You can use dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water to get rid of the accumulated dirt and dust.

Scrubbing your Carpet Aggressively to Get Stains Out

Carpet owners know that it has a high affinity for colored stains. Whether your carpet has been stained with red wine or any other colored substance, the biggest mistake to avoid is scrubbing it. Many homeowners, in a bid to get stains out of their carpets, resort to aggressive scrubbing. This only worsens the problem and causes the stain to spread. Instead of aggressively scrubbing the stains, get warm water and a soft washcloth or microfiber cloth to blot the stains from the affected area. Blotting offers a better chance of getting rid of the stains while keeping them confined in the affected area.

Using more Cleaning Chemical than you Need

Cleaning chemicals are to be used in little quantities. However, some homeowners believe that using more cleaning agents will speed up the cleaning process. They couldn’t be more wrong. Not only are you costing yourself more money by wasting the cleaning agent but you are also using more resources for the cleaning task. With more cleaning chemicals comes the need for more water to clean the surfaces. A good way to keep the use of your cleaning chemical down is to start small. Start by measuring out small quantities of the cleaning chemical and add more as needed.

Effective house cleaning can help you to fall in love with the tasks that you once hated. It also helps to extend the time between each cleaning session. If you haven’t already tried these fixes, now is the time to get started. If you are, however, too busy to get this done or you need more tips, hire a cleaning service company or learn more about house cleaning from https://www.freshmaids.com/

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