Deep Cleaning vs Move Out Cleaning: What’s the Difference?

Whether as a cleaning service provider or customer, knowing the difference between deep cleaning service and move out cleaning can help you streamline your needs. Many people are not aware of the specific differences between these two cleaning services, which may affect their choices and expectations.

This resource takes you through what you need to know about each cleaning service and how they differ.

Deep Cleaning Services

Many residential and commercial cleaning service providers claim to offer deep cleaning services. Customers also request a deep cleaning service when they want a thorough cleaning job done. But what exactly is a deep cleaning service?

By definition, deep cleaning, as the name suggests, goes beyond the scope of regular cleaning services. This means more concentration on all areas, especially those that may be skipped or given less attention. The cleaning company isn’t just picking up dirt, re-organizing your home, and dusting cobwebs with deep cleaning services. Instead, they’re getting deep into your dirty space and giving it a good scrub down.

Many deep cleaning services come with sanitization and disinfection services for surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and other spaces in the home. The idea is to eliminate germs and pathogens that could make the customer and their loved ones sick.

Deep cleaning services also take longer to complete. Regular cleaning services may be completed in an hour or two, but deep cleaning services can take four hours or more, depending on the size of the property and the number of items needing attention. 

Typically, deep cleaning services cover these areas in the home;


Bathroom deep cleaning involves all of the usual regular cleaning services and extras but is done thoroughly. Some of the services you can expect as part of your bathroom deep cleaning service include;

  • Removal of soap scum and limescale from fixtures.
  • Door, handle, and knob disinfection
  • Trashing and disinfection of wastebaskets
  • Cleaning inside vanities and medicine cabinets,
  • Deep cleaning of shower doors, crevices, curtains, and windows
  • Deep cleaning door frames, baseboards, window frames
  • Toilet cleaning, and more.


Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Choosing deep cleaning services improves maintaining a clean and hygienic kitchen space. With deep cleaning services, you can expect;

  • Clean cabinets and appliances.
  • Inside appliance cleaning, including oven, refrigerator, stoves, and microwaves,
  • Countertop and backsplash cleaning
  • Disinfecting surfaces, countertops, switches, and knobs
  • Cleaning of refrigerator coils, interior range hoods, filters, and more.

Other Areas

Deep cleaning services often cover other home areas unless otherwise stated or requested. The cleaning company is expected to cover the living rooms, dining rooms, and other spaces that may need cleaning in the home. In those general spaces, the cleaning crew performs the same deep and thorough cleaning level.

Some of the tasks carried out in those general spaces include;

  • Removal of the trash bin and disinfection of trash cans and surfaces
  • Cleaning under and over furniture
  • Vacuuming carpets, ceilings, fans, light fixtures, etc.
  • Window blinds, window frames, and window screens
  • Scrubbing walls to remove stains
  • Dusting lampshades and polishing furniture.
  • Clean baseboards, door frames, knobs, and other fixtures.

Many deep cleaning service providers have a detailed checklist of the areas to clean in the home. Start by requesting a deep cleaning checklist if you are unsure what the service entails.

Move-Out Cleaning 

Gainesville move out cleaning services have become popular over the years, especially as more people are looking to reduce the stress associated with moving. More importantly, many renters are interested in qualifying for a refund of their security deposit, thus pushing them to clean and restore their apartment or space to its original condition when renting.

Unlike deep cleaning, where you’re actively living in the property or space, move-out cleaning is usually done at the end of your lease or tenancy. This cleaning service focuses on restoring the space to its pristine condition by going over other minor details that a landlord or potential tenant may notice. You get all of the common perks of a regular and deep cleaning service with move-out cleaning, including kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and general space cleaning.

Added to this, you also get disinfection and restoration cleaning services for appliances. The goal is to make the appliances look new. The doors, frames, headboards, and other areas of the property also get special treatment to make them shine. Most move-out cleaning companies also provide minor repair services by removing nails from walls, filling nail holes or dents, and repainting. However, these add-on services come at an extra cost to the customer.

Whether you are looking for deep cleaning services, move-in or move-out cleaning, or any other service, we are the company to call. We offer exceptional quality cleaning services delivered by trained cleaners equipped with all of the necessary cleaning supplies to leave your home or commercial building sparkling clean. We also come at affordable prices so let us handle the cleaning for you!

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