Should you do Dust Or Vacuum First? Learn The Correct Order

When it comes to deep cleaning, one of the major tasks you will have to perform is dusting. Dust is a collection of tiny particles that usually settle on various surfaces across the home. These particles are made up of many things such as dead skin cells, plant pollen, hair, material fibers, paper fibers, etc. Typically, most Gainesville apartment cleaning services have their ways of effectively getting rid of dust particles

Unfortunately, you can’t say this of individual homeowners. For instance, many people still don’t know whether to vacuum or dust first. If you fall into this category, then you are lucky! This post will tell you which of the two dusting and vacuuming should come first and discuss the various ways to deal with dust in your home.

Dusting or Vacuuming; Which Comes First?

Most professionals know that dusting should always come first before vacuuming. The reason for this is that no matter how careful and thorough you might think you are while dusting, you will definitely not get rid of all the dust in one sweep; you will need extra action to get rid of these dust particles that can make you sick; actually, this is where vacuuming comes into play. 

While dusting, some of the dust particles are likely to be pushed into the air and settle on other surfaces such as your sofa, floors, beds, window, etc. So to effectively get rid of these agitated dust particles, you need to vacuum the area affected. By vacuuming after dusting, you can rest assured that you will be able to get rid of a tremendous percentage of the dust particles in your space. 

Although in all fairness, no technique can remove all the dust in your space. Still, vacuuming after dusting can make a huge difference.  

Pro Tips for Dusting

Here are some tips to consider 

Dust Regularly

It would help if you regularly engaged in light dusting and heavy dusting. 

  • Light dusting: As the name suggests, it involves basic dusting on different surfaces around the home. Light dusting is usually focused on open and easy-to-reach surfaces like desks, center tables, chairs, etc.
  • Heavy dusting: This type of dusting involves using a special cleaning cloth and brushes. During heavy dusting, you need to handle all hard-to-reach house areas. Examples of areas you should handle are; blades of fans, top of furnishings, back of large paintings and portraits, sculptures, etc. It is advisable to accomplish this exercise at least once every month.

Use a Microfiber Cloth

Using suitable cleaning materials is essential if you aim to remove dust effectively. Although there are several products on the market designed to help remove dust, microfibre cloth remains the best one out there. This cleaning cloth picks up and traps dirt and dust particles like a magnet.

Start At The Top

The best way to dust would be from top to bottom since dust falls from top to bottom. Note that cleaning from the bottom is entirely counterproductive; Although this instruction may look obvious, it is by far one of the most common dusting mistakes people make.

Pro Tips for Vacuuming

Clean Your Vacuum Filter Regularly

Ideally, your vacuum cleaner should come with a filter or a bag inside it. These filters need to be cleaned regularly to prevent dust particles from being released into the air during the operation. Also, when the filters or bag becomes overfilled, the motor has to work harder to operate the appliance. 

Although most manufacturers suggest that you regularly replace your filters with a new one, this is not always necessary. You can extend the life of your filter by ensuring you clean it regularly. 

To correctly clean your filters, it is best to go through the user manual provided first; This will help you avoid any damage to your machine. 

Take Note of Pet Hair

If you are the type who keeps pets in your home, you need to take extra precautions when vacuuming your space, mainly because pet hair can easily get trapped at the end of your vacuum cleaner. It may even get into the motors, thereby making cleaning efforts ineffective. 

So before starting your machine, it is essential to check for pet hair around the motors and at the far ends of the filters and bags. If you also notice a sudden change of tune or signs of strain while operating the machine, you may want to check for pet hair. 

In case you have lots of pets or those hairy ones, like the Husky or Maine Coon cat, it will be best if you invest in a pet-friendly vacuum cleaner. Notably, this category of cleaners is already equipped with all they need to handle pet hair.

Have A Vacuuming System

When it comes to vacuuming, a lot of homeowners wing it. They don’t have a system in place or a unique approach; most usually move the machine around the area in random patterns. 

If you don’t have a system, you could follow one. 

Start your vacuuming at one end of the carpet and move ahead on a straight line. Once you reach the end of the carpet, you should then make a 90-degree turn and work your way to the other end of the carpet. You should then repeat this process till you are done. 

Clean Up Heavy Dirt First

Notably, you cannot vacuum all kinds of dirt as using your machine to clean up all kinds of mess can quickly damage your vacuum cleaner. 

Ideally, you should try your best to eliminate all visible dirt in any location you are trying to vacuum first. This way, the motors won’t get overworked. Also, you’d have a better result after vacuuming. 

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