Daily Cleaning Checklist

One of the crucial ways to keep your home or apartment clean is to imbibe a daily cleaning habit. Setting aside as little as 10 to 15 minutes a day for cleaning can go a long way in improving your hygiene. Daily cleaning is recommended for busy individuals unable to carve out hours of their time for cleaning and organizing their space.

If you aren’t already doing the daily cleaning routine, chances are high that you may find it harder to create time during the weekends. Think of it this way, your weekends are meant for rest, family, and relaxation. Therefore, it may be hard to get into work mode during this short time, especially considering how much you spent on the last day of the week.

Now that you’re familiar with daily cleaning as the much-needed hack to keep your space clean and tidy, you should also know the importance of having a daily cleaning checklist. Your daily cleaning checklist could be anything from a map of how you intend to work through your daily cleaning task to cleaning allocation. Some people spread their entire home cleaning throughout the week, dedicating 15 minutes daily to one task and doing it well. Others may combine a list of things that can fit into the allotted daily time into their checklist.

Since you’re new to daily cleaning and daily cleaning checklists, it is advisable to start by hiring a Gainesville cleaning service company to do a thorough cleaning job on your property. Then, you can take over from the day after, doing preventive cleaning 15 minutes daily to keep your space in good condition.

Need help with your daily cleaning schedule or checklist? Read on to learn more.

Daily Cleaning Schedule

Your daily cleaning schedule lists all the cleaning tasks you need to do. These tasks can be grouped into buckets based on how easy or challenging they are. You can also allocate each task bucket to family members, getting them involved and cleaning your space daily.

If you’re yet to make daily cleaning lists, here’s a cleaning checklist to follow;

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Fold and hang dish towels
  • Use wet rags to wipe down the common problem spots on the walls and floors
  • Empty garbage daily
  • Wipe down your kitchen, food preparation surfaces, and dining area with all-purpose cleaners
  • Load dishwasher
  • Organize your fridge and pantry. Plan your week’s meal as you organize to save time.
  • Toss out expired food from the fridge or pantry
  • Rinse the bottom of the sink and run the disposal
  • Give your appliances a thorough wipe down. Don’t forget the microwaves.

Living Room and Bedroom Areas

  • Dust the entertainment center and get rid of dust settling in those areas
  • Tidy up and organize the bedroom or living room. Ensure to fold blankets and replace books or magazines in their appropriate locations
  • Get children’s toys and play items out of the way and organize them where appropriate.
  • Straighten pillows, couch cushions, and blankets
  • Wash a load of laundry daily to prevent laundry buildup
  • Organize clutter, sort paperwork, and open and sort mails
  • Empty waste baskets throughout the house
  • Set aside a mobile basket to collect items not in their place as you work through the house. You can sort and organize these items to their appropriate locations after
  • Straighten the mud room and arrange shoes and boots to accommodate more.


  • Hang or fold bathroom towels
  • Wash and rinse bath toys, washcloths, etc. Ensure to rinse the tub after
  • Give your sinks, surfaces, and faucets a quick but thorough clean
  • Clean the toilet using an appropriate scrubbing brush. Wipe all exterior surfaces
  • Wash and clean the mirror or wipe it down.

Other Tasks

  • Sweep or vacuum the floors. It is recommended to do this every night before going to bed
  • Mop the floors throughout the house. You can also divide the mopping of specific areas into different weekdays
  • Wipe down cell phones to get rid of germs
  • Pet parents should clean litter boxes and pet areas
  • Tidy up your front porch, and garage area, and pick up toys littered in the yard
  • Wipe down gym equipment to get rid of sweat and germs.

It is important to note that 15 minutes is a short time to complete all of these tasks. A great way to manage your time better would be to allocate tasks based on their complexity and the time required to complete them. You may handle pantry cleaning and a little dusting today, allocate some other tasks to family members, and tick tasks off your checklist as you run through the week.

Daily Cleaning Hacks To Save Time

A weekly cleaning schedule is a great way to plan your week while infusing some cleaning tasks into each weekday. It reduces the stress you’ll face at the end of the week, keeps your home clean and organized, and helps you make more time for rest.

To better manage your time, here are some hacks you should know;

  • Always ensure that the dirty dishes are cleaned before going to bed.
  • Keep a habit of making your bed in the morning.
  • Hang worn clothes to prevent dirty piles.
  • Empty your dishwasher while your coffee brews.
  • Keep cleanup wipes in your bathroom and use them for wiping surfaces to keep your bathroom cleaner for longer.
  • Clean the bathroom or toilet while older children use the tub.
  • Keep floors clean for longer by enforcing a no-shoes rule.
  • Clean other areas of the house while appliances or surfaces soak. You can clean windows while the degreaser soaks on the stovetop.
  • Purchase vacuums. This may be a robotic vacuum, lightweight vacuum, or others.
  • Place laundry bins or hampers in each room. Alternatively, install a laundry shoot.
  • Cover cushions in stylish blankets, especially if they are prone to spill or you have kids around the house.
  • Teach kids to put their toys away when not in use. This can help you keep an organized space.
  • Keep a spray bottle containing vinegar and water-mix around the washing machine.
  • Buy self-cleaning litter boxes for pets.

These tips will help you save time as you move through your daily cleaning tasks. However, you can outsource your cleaning services needs to professionals, reducing stress and creating more time to handle other important tasks. Fresh Maids offers professional cleaning services. Contact us now!

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