Independent House Keeping Vs Cleaning Company? Which One Should You Pick?

The importance of keeping a clean house is embedded in the human psyche. So it’s not that surprising that the topic of how you clean your home has ignited countless discussions in homeowners around the globe! Some people prefer to do their own cleaning, making sure to get all the hard to reach places on a weekly or monthly basis with their preferred cleaning tools and supplies. But others would rather hire a professional cleaning service around Gainesville GA that can help keep their homes spotless while giving them more time to spend on personal projects, hobbies, or with family. 

While both options are great for keeping your home clean, the method of house cleaning that most fits your lifestyle might require a little more thought. 

What Do Housekeeping Services Include

Housekeepers are responsible for cleaning the residence of their employer, typically on a daily or weekly basis. This can include common tasks like vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing surfaces, and emptying garbage bins. You may also request that a housekeeper complete special services – although these will generally cost you extra – like folding laundry, doing dishes, or feeding your pet. 

A housekeeper’s duties will vary from property to property, depending on the size of the residence and the number and specificity of tasks on their roster. 

How Does A Maid Service Differ?

House cleaning companies provide a range of services, depending on what you need. Many people hire a company for regular cleaning every week or every month. These services usually include vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and wiping down surfaces in the kitchen and bathrooms. But if your needs are more specific—say if you have pets or children who make messes—you may want to hire a housekeeper who visits more often and can handle more specific tasks. 

House cleaning is a tedious process that requires large amounts of time and dedication. It’s all too easy to lose motivation while applying the elbow grease required to make your home look good again. Still, you would like to take the best care of your home.

Every house cleaning company has its own way of achieving this goal. Some specialize in exclusive services; they provide only dusting or vacuuming services or all kinds of different chores that need to be accomplished.

Reasons to Hire an Independent Housekeeper

A lot of people think that hiring a cleaning company is the only way to go when it comes to getting their home or office space into tip-top shape. However, there are plenty of reasons that an independent housekeeper might be the better decision.

The most significant of these reasons is size. A company with fewer employees may be able to provide a more selective service, but will not have the manpower required for large commercial or residential cleanings. Because larger companies employ larger teams and have set lists of cleaning tasks to perform for most clients, they are able to offer more competitive pricing in many cases. 

Reasons to Hire a House Cleaning Company

If you’re anything like the millions of Americans who are too exhausted or too busy to clean their own homes, then it might be time for you to hire a house cleaning service. House cleaning is one of those tasks that feels great but always seems daunting. In any given week, most working adults juggle a tight schedule packed with deadlines, meetings, and family obligations. For many people, house cleaning becomes another item on the list of things they simply don’t have time for. The labor-intensive nature of this chore often leads to feeling overwhelmed and overburdened, regardless of how much spare time a person has.

The idea of hiring a professional house cleaner is often something that crosses the minds of adults who are short on time – but maybe not short on money – as a way to deal with the pressures of everyday life. The benefits are obvious: free time, little to no effort required, and results show in an immaculate home. While hiring a house cleaner is certainly easier than doing it yourself, you can also control how much or how often they clean. If you’re looking for something that is both time and money efficient and will give your home a boost in maintenance and overall health, look no further than hiring a professional cleaning service.

Independent House Keeping Vs Cleaning Company?

It’s such a tough decision to pick between the housekeeping services of an independent housekeeper and the cleaning company. It is always best to do your research and ask friends and family in the area about their experiences with local cleaning companies in the Gainesville area. 

Hiring a professional cleaning company might seem expensive, but in return, they will make sure everything is done perfectly in a timely fashion. You can schedule for cleaning depending on your needs and budget.  You can also request deep cleaning every once in a while.

Make sure to explore your options before making the final decision. If you’re looking for a cleaning company you can trust, check out

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